Ball Machine Rental

Ball machines are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis, dependent on court availability for 30 and 60 minute time slots. Reservations may be made two days in advance.  

Ball Machine Daily Rates

60 Minutes

One Player $15

Two Players $22.50 ($11.25 per player)

30 Minutes

One Player $10

Two Players $15 ($7.50 per player)

Limit Two Players Per Machine  

Ball Machine Club Rates

Individual Rates

Full Year- $125      Half Year- $62.50

Family Rates

(husband/wife/children 18-under living at home.)

Full Year- $200      Half Year- $100

Only includes club members. Guests playing with club members pay 50% of applicable one player daily rate. Half year ball machine club rates are for any portion of July 1-December 31 OR January 1- June 30.  

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